The details of the Monaghan Community Activities Fund were approved by the LCDC at their meeting last week, and the Fund is now open to applications. The Fund is open to all community & voluntary groups based in Co. Monaghan, and seeks to support especially those in disadvantaged areas.

Two basic types of project are being invited forward for consideration:
– support towards payment of utility bills from the middle of this year to the middle of next year
– funding towards small capital projects. This might typically involve repairs to a premises, or small scale improvement works. The purchase of equipment is eligible. Support towards wages is not.

There are three sizes of project which will be supported:
– 30% of the available funding has been ringfenced for projects under €1,000
– a further 40% of the funding has been ringfenced for projects with a value of between €1,000 and €5,000
– the remaining 30% of the funding will be available to fund projects between €5,000 and €15,000

Given that the overall allocation to Co. Monaghan is €265,142, it is likely that the demand for funding will exceed the available funds, and that very few awards of €15,000 will be made. Groups should bear this in mind when applying.
There is no requirement for match funding on this Fund. In theory, up to 100% of your project cost can be funded. You may also be able to use this funding source as match funding on an EU-funded project you are currently delivering.
You must be able to spend any funding received from this Fund by the middle of 2022.

Any questions to

Link to Council online portal for community grants:…/17/community-activities-fund-2022/