New Initiative to map the location of Defibrillators & level of CPR training around the county

New Initiative to map the location of Defibrillators & level of CPR training around the county

The JPC have launched a collaboration between Monaghan County Council and the National Ambulance Service to collect information on the location of every publicly accessible defibrillator (AED) in the county.  We’re asking all people in charge of a publicly accessible AED to please complete a registration form giving details of the location of the AED and also its age, make, who to contact if it is used on a call etc.

Please register any AED you have responsibility for here:

You will need to know the Eircode of the nearest building to its location.  You can find that out here:

The project has a few goals:

  • Firstly,  the information will be passed to the National Ambulance Service, so that when someone calls 999 and the operator keys in the Eircode that the caller is phoning from,  any defibrillator within 500m of that location will come up on the NAS’s computer system, and the operator can instruct the caller to go retrieve it in case it is needed before an ambulance arrives on scene

This is hugely important.  Lives have been lost in Co Monaghan due to callers not knowing there was a defib nearby and the NAS having no record of one either, and yet a shiny unused AED that a community fundraised hard to purchase was hanging on a wall only yards away.

We will be the first county in Ireland to be fully registered with the NAS, and this will be a huge achievement.

  • Secondly,  we hope to use this opportunity to look at how we can help AED, CPR and CFR groups going forward, and how we can improve the level of coverage by AED’s and CPR training around the county in the years ahead.   The intention is to use the collected information in the following ways:
    • Map the location of existing AED’s, so the JPC can look for areas that aren’t adequately covered and seek to rectify this through the provision of additional AED’s
    • Map the distribution of CPR training, to look at where support is needed.
    • We hope to further develop the CLAR project from a few years ago which set up a county library for CPR training equipment.  The intention is to seek funding to purchase a stock of spare AED pads, batteries etc, so that whenever an AED is used, the group can access replacement pads etc from the county ‘library’.  We also hope to continue to add more CPR equipment so that we can equip new groups as they are set up.
  • As with any funding application,  one must have evidence of need,  and this is where it will be of tremendous assistance to have completed surveys to draw information from.  The forms ask for information which will help.

Some of you will know that we have a Community Safety Network, which doesn’t meet often, but when it does it tends to come up with some excellent work, such as the Monaghan Community  Alerts project which is now being emulated by several other counties.  If you are involved in taking care of a defibrillator, I’d like to encourage you to tick the box on the survey which says ‘please sign me up to the Community Safety Network’,  as it will be through that group that we roll out future AED and CPR initiatives.

In a rural county like Monaghan, it can take some time for an ambulance to reach a person in an emergency.  Having some measure of self-reliance, having basic healthcare equipment within the community and having as many people in the community as possible training in basic first aid and emergency procedures can be a life saver.

Please help us to get this important piece of work underway.