Community Statement

The network for Community, Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental groups in Co. Monaghan

Community Well-Being Statement

The Dept Guidelines on establishing the PPN state that the first task of the PPN should be to prepare a Community Well-Being Statement. This should set out what the PPN considers to be necessary for the promotion of well-being for present and future generations in Co. Monaghan.

The Community Well-Being Statement is meant to act as a guiding vision for everything the PPN does. For example, it should help us to develop our position on various issues, and to determine which decision-making bodies we should prioritise being involved with.

We started the preparation work for our Community Well-Being Statement back in January 2015 at the three Municipal District PPN meetings. We asked those who attended the meetings to identify the key issues which affected their lives.

We compiled their responses and brought them to the County PPN Plenary in March, where we asked people to review the issues and add any that they felt were missing, then to identify which were the five most important issues for them.

You can see the results here:

We followed this up with a Community Well-Being Survey, to which 194 people responded over a two week period towards the end of April.

You can view a Summary of Findings here

All of the above work fed into the development of a draft Community Well-Being Statement which was prepared by the PPN’s Secretariat. On 16th June 2015, the draft Statement was presented to the membership of the PPN at a meeting in Corcaghan, and was unanimously adopted.

The Statement will help the PPN membership to focus on what is important to the community when we are reviewing various Strategies and Plans which affect the community sector (for example the Joint Policing Committee’s Strategic Plan) and preparing submissions on issues.

The Ideal Community – Our Shared Vision

Our Vision of the Ideal Community:

The people of Monaghan live amongst friends. We have sufficient resources to meet our needs and have access to the services and facilities we need in order to enjoy a good standard of life. Everyone in the community is valued, and we look out for each other, especially our vulnerable members. We all pull together, with the aim of creating a better place for ourselves and the next generation.

The following values help us in attaining this vision:

We will reach our vision by working to ensure:

The Statement

Everyone is entitled to well-being and everyone has a responsibility for their own well-being, but some people need extra help to achieve this. When a community comes together, everyone benefits:

The glue which holds a community together is the connection between people and the many small ways in which neighbours interact and help each other. A strong community is one where people CARE – about their neighbours, about their environment, about the future of their area – and where they DO; in a strong community, people get involved. A strong community is one where people support each other to access the services and opportunities which each person needs in order to live a good standard of life.

Co. Monaghan communities participate in the decisions which affect them, and seek to address the issues facing their community in an inclusive, sustainable way.