Community Wellbeing Statement

Community Wellbeing Statement

The Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD) have requested that each PPN across the country develop a Community Wellbeing Statement. The vision statement identifies the issues that member groups consider important for their community, for now and future generations.

It is developed through an open, participative and transparent process. The Community Wellbeing Statement will act as a guiding vision for everything the PPN does. For example, it should help us to develop our position on various issues, and to determine which decision-making bodies we should prioritize being involved with.

Monaghan PPN started this process at the beginning of the year and just before lockdown in March, workshops were held in each of the Municipal Districts. Participants consulted on the following six themes:

  1. Social and Community Development
  2. Work, Economy and Resources
  3. Participation, Democracy and Good Governance
  4. Culture, Values and Meaning
  5. Health (Physical and Mental)
  6. Environment and Sustainability

At the workshops, members consulted on each of the six themes and formulated their views and aspirations for each theme. The inputs from these workshops can be found here:


We have recently begun working on the project once again and have now drafted one vision for the whole County: incorporating all the inputs from each Municipal District. This draft vision can be viewed here:

This vision will form the basis for Monaghan PPN’s work programme in 2021 and onwards. It will also support the PPN representatives in bringing the aspirations of the communities they represent to their respective committee meetings.

The Final  Vision document was recently presented to our Reps and online training carried out in November 2020. The final version and slides from the training course can be viewed here: