How to Join

How to Join the PPN

Membership of the PPN is open to ALL community & voluntary groups with an address in Co. Monaghan which meet the following criteria:

County vs Branch

If your group is a branch of a large organisation, such as the ICA or the GAA, your local group can register with the PPN, and so can the County Board. The local group should register in the Municipal District in which it is located, and the County Board should register only with the County PPN.

Regional Bodies

If your organisation covers several counties, the Dept Guidelines say that you can only register with the PPN of the county in which you have a postal address.

While you may not be able to be a full member of Monaghan PPN, you CAN still subscribe to our website and receive communications. You can also attend our events. You just won’t be able to vote in any elections.

Why Should I Join?

Belonging to the PPN is a way of establishing that your group is a legitimate group. This could be important if you’re applying for grant aid and need to show you’re a real group.

Only PPN member groups have the right to nominate people onto Council committees, and to vote in PPN-organised elections.

The PPN provides its member groups with weekly information updates, covering everything from plans which are going to consultation to upcoming funding opportunities. It’s a great way to stay informed.

It costs nothing to be a member.

So, get registering!

How Do I Join?

Membership is open to all community & voluntary groups with an address in Co Monaghan
(this excludes regional groups)

Notes to help you register correctly:


Should you wish to deregister your group (eg if it ceases to exist), you can do so at any time by emailing the ppn at  and writing ‘please remove (name of Group)’ in the subject header.

In order to ensure that the email request is genuine, you will be contacted to confirm the deregistration request before we remove your details from the database.

Check if your group is registered?